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Temporary Schedule for Repairs/restoration

Week of  May 3

  1. Get it started  IT STARTED!!!
  2. Repair brakes, hoses, belts Brakes are working!!!
  3. Wash it
  4. Clean engine
  5. Check out mechanically 
  6. Change oil filter
  7. Add wipers

Week of May 10

  1. Street test
  2. Replace plugs/wires/fluids
  3. Replace bad glass
  4. Buy temporary tires
  5. Electrical repairs
  6. Add rear view mirrors

Week of May 17

  1. Detail interior
  2. Repair radio/clock
  3. Finish mechanical repairs
  4. Finish electrical repairs

Week of May 24

  1. Remove rust/sand blast
  2. Begin body repairs
  3. Prime repaired areas
  4. Order new bumpers

Week of May 31

  1. Paint interior
  2. Paint exterior
  3. Paint engine compartment
  4. Paint engine parts

Week of June 20

  1. Re-install bumpers
  2. Begin upholstery repairs (takes 2 -3 weeks)
  3. Replace rusted floor
  4. Add floor mats
  5. Add trunk mats
  6. Add new headliner
  7. Upholster seats/wall panels
  8. Replace door handles/window levers

Week of June 27

  1. Replace tires
  2. Detail
  3. Final cosmetic touch up








This page contains a list of scheduled project events, and key milestones and deliverables.

In addition, we maintain the following prioritized lists of what we're working on this week, and what we plan to do next week:


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Milestones and Deliverables

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